Thursday, November 20, 2014

IR Day 2: Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution

Setting the Stage:
Students were introduced the basic concept of the Industrial Revolution yesterday.  Today, we will examine the various aspects of the IR in Britain.  They will look at the agricultural revolution, inventions of the textile industry, and improvement in the transportation industry.

1.  We will get out our sheets from yesterday (Beginning of the Industrial Revolution) and begin a classroom discussion.  Many of these topics will be compared to aspects of industrialization today.  For example, the factors of production were both necessary in the late 1700s as they are today to industrialize. 
2.  Students will have a 20 point quiz over this information (20 points)
3.  Brief overview about tomorrow's lesson about Urbanization and its effects on cities and its citizens and the student's Political Cartoon Project.
4.  Students will receive their French Revolution tests back today.  Students have until Monday to make corrections. 

a. Explain the beginnings and origin of the Industrial Revolution
b. Understand the geographic advantages and natural resources that enabled Britain to Industrialize
c. Identify transportation improvements
d. Trace the impact of railroads on British industry

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