Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FR Day 7: Terror Begins

 Homework Quiz. Students will have a 20 point reading quiz over pages 658-661.  Focused on the following:
Jacobins - Guillotine - Jean-Paul Marat - Georges Danton - Maximilien Robespierre-
Reign of Terror - Why was France at war?
 As a class we will continue our discussion of revolutionary events causes and effects. Today we will be focused on the forming of the Legislative Assembly and how its members split into different factions. 
Our focus will then shift to page 599 that details the "importance" of the Guillotine during the revolution.  How did a machine that cuts ones head off be considered humane?  Hopefully we can answer this.

Primary Source: Students will read Execution by Guillotine, by J.G. Millingen, that is an eyewitness account of an execution via guillotine.
Execution by Guillotine

Happy French Revolution Birthday!!!
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