Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FR Day 6: Revolution Brings Reform and Terror Continued......

We will examine what caused the National Assembly to adopt the Declaration of the Rights of Man , the reforming of the church, and royal families failed attempt to escape the country (attachment from yesterday).  How did each of these events directly effect the people of the 3rd estate?  Students will then determine how these events led to a new constitution and a split between revolutionists.

The following critical questions will be answered and discussed today:
  1. What do the speeches by nobles imply about the role of violence in the French Revolution?
  2. Would a U.S. legislature treat religion as the National Assembly did?
  3. What can you conclude about the power of Louis from his signing of the 1791 constitution?
  4. What evidence supports the view that the writers of the 1791 constitution remained somewhat loyal to the king?
We will also watch Crash Course in History for review and Preview
 FOR TOMORROW: Students will have a 20 point reading quiz over pages 658-661.  Focus on the following:
Jacobins - Guillotine - Jean-Paul Marat - Georges Danton - Maximilien Robespierre-
Reign of Terror - Why was France at war?