Monday, August 20, 2018

August 23rd - Day 1

Projected Time Frame:  1 Day 

1.  Seating Chart and Class List 

2. Getting to Know You!
   -  Students will fill out a sheet that asks about
      them as students and people
   -  They will also learn a little bit about
       Mr. Winsor 

1.  Getting comfortable with the classroom
2.  Welcoming in the new school year! 

*Same as World History*

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 5

World History I

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, many civilizations created religion to help them understand the world around them.  This was no exception for the Greeks.  Their mythology made sense of the world and its workings.

1.  Greek Mythology
         a.  Students will take some brief notes as they are introduced to Greek mythology.
         b.  Greek Mythology PowerPoint
2.  God/Goddess Project
         a.  Students will be creating a god/goddess similar to those of the ancient Greeks.
         b.  Project Information
1.  Identify the importance of mythology in the Ancient Greek culture. 
American History

Setting the Stage
Before we begin to learn about the American Reconstruction, students are reviewing their learning about the Civil War from last school year.  We will then begin Reconstruction with a reading prompt. 

1.    Civil War Review Quiz
        a.  Students will be given back their quizzes
             and will be reviewed

2.  Reconstruction
        a.  Reading prompt.  How would you
             punish your son?
        b.  Students will discuss different options
             on how the Union will rebuild the
             country after the war.
1. Review Civil War

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 3

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, Greece was not a unified country.  It was a collection of separate lands where Greek-speaking people lived.  The land consisted mainly of a mountainous peninsula that separated these people.  The region's physical geography directly shaped Greek traditions and customs.

1.  What do you know/think you know
ancient Greeks?
         a.  Students will answer this question in a                 paragraph and will be discussed

2. Greek Map - Due Tuesday (25 Points)
         a.  Students will be given a map of
              Greece and will be responsible to
              find cities, bodies of water, and other
              landmarks considered important. 
         b.  Map

1.  Identify ways geography and climate shaped          Greek life.
2.  Explain the rise and development of                    Mycenaean civilization

Setting the Stage
Before we begin to learn about the American Reconstruction, students are reviewing their learning about the Civil War from last school year.  

1.  Civil War Review
        a.  Students will be given an activity sheet
             to acknowledge a basic understanding
             (using textbook) of the Civil War.
        b.  Civil War Activity Sheet

2.  We will have a brief discussion over the               Activity sheet tomorrow in class.
        a.  Completion of sheet will be 15 Points

1. Review Civil War 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 17

Setting The Stage
We will shake off the “winter break” rust and get back to all things history!
Setting The Stage
We will shake off the “winter break” rust and get back to all things history!
     1.       We will have a brief introduction of the 
     2.       Renaissance and Reformation Scavenger            Hunt
-   Students will go through chapter 17 and learn about important people, events, and terms of the time period.
     1.        Review Quiz
             -Students will take a quiz (NOT                             GRADED) that hopefully will bring                     back some of the content we learned                     before winter break
     2.       Trench Warfare
-   Students will receive extra information about trench warfare and have questions to answer
-     Questions are due Wednesday
1.  Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance
       - Students will examine and answer 4
          questions about Italy an the Renaissance
       -  Questions 1,2, &3 will be answered and
           discussed today.
       -  Questions an Answers
1.  United States Joins the War
        -  3 Major Cause
             a.  Sinking of the Lusitania
             b.  Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
             c.  Zimmerman Note
        -   Informational Sheet
1.  We will discuss and answer question #4 from
      yesterday's information
1.  American Power Tips the Balance
        -  Students will examine how America
           joining the war put the odds in the favor of
           the Allies
        -  Informational Sheet


Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 16

Setting The Stage
Friday we discussed the Bubonic Plague and how it impacted Europe from 1347-1351. Students were then given a series of questions related to the Crusades and Hundred Years War. 
Setting The Stage
Students have identified the three causes that led to tension in Europe before WWI.  We have also gone over the two alliances systems and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 
 1.  Questions over the Crusades and Hundred Years War?
2.  Students will have the remainder of time to finish the 14 questions about the two events.  
Questions due tomorrow. 
 1.  Review Quiz
        -  Students will be given a review quiz that
           is NOT graded about information we have
           covered in class about WWI.
2.  Schlieffen Plan
         - We will look into the German plan to 
            that attempted to prevent them form 
            having to fight a two-front war.  
3.  Trench Warfare
        -  Why did trench warfare begin?
        -  Students will be given 20 questions about
           trench warfare
        -  Questions due Wednesday
 1.  We will go over the Crusades and Hundred Years War.  Students will be given supplemental information about the events. 
 2.  What's Next!
     -  We will discuss what to expect when we 
         bet back from break.
 1.  Trench Warfare continued.....
 2.  Trench Warfare video
 3.  American joins the fight.....
        - Sinking of the Lusitania 
        - Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
        - Zimmerman Note
 1.  Everyone will receive their current grades
      going into break.
 1.  Review America getting into the War
 2.  Everyone will be given their current grades 
      going into break.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Setting The Stage
We have been going over the Middle Ages for the last couple of weeks.  Students will be assessing over that information and moving on the to Renaissance on Wednesday.
Setting The Stage
We recently finished going over American Imperialism during the 19th and 20th centuries. Students will be assessed over the information and we will then move on to World War I. 
 1. Short Review over last week's information
 2. Review Game: 9 Lives
       -  Students will be given a series of 
          questions to choose from and must 
          get each question correct to keep their
          extra credit.
       -  Questions will be posted here at the end 
          of the day,
 1.  Review Game: Jeopardy
       -  Students will be put into 3 different 
          groups and will receive a series of 
          questions over Chapter 9
  2.  Final Questions?